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SAP Business One - GST Compliant

Step inside your new look GST compliant business with SAP Business One

Established in 2013, Yojak is a SAP Business One EBM Partner. With high-quality professionals, our implementation and maintenance are of top quality. Our years of experience in supply chain and general operations makes your business efficient and helps you concentrate on your core business.

Better design

Designed for Small and Medium Businesses
Whatever is your business, we have got it covered

Financial Management

Centrally manage your finance and accounting

Purchasing & Inventory

Control your purchases and manage your inventory

Production Planning

Plan your production and related dependencies

Business Intelligence

Get a glance of your operations automatically

Enterprise Mobility

Products for Social Mobile Analytics Cloud (SMAC) ecosystem Social Media marketing and “Reputation Management" | Brand and Identity Management

We enjoy working on business problems to customers' satisfaction.

Mobile Apps

Custom solutions for your needs

Big Data Analytics

Uncover hidden patterns, interesting correlations and other useful information

Banana Accounting Reports

Professional accounting for small companies, associations, private individuals and auxiliary accounting management.

Sales Force Automation

Sales performance insights

Social Media Marketing

Online Reputation Management, Brand Management, Advertising, UI/UX Design

End to End Solutions

Custom solutions for your needs

SAP Business One B1 GST Compliance , SAP Partner in Bangalore India yojak solutions

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